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Spring Season 2018

Concert Feedback for Audience Members
21st April 2018, The Anvil, Basingstoke

We hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did rehearsing and performing the work. We perform interesting works and strive always to sing to the highest standards. We value audience feedback and would very much like to hear from you.

The programme

Verdi: Requiem

This forum is intended for audience use only. To submit your feedback we ask you to leave your name and, if you wish, your email address. This forum will be moderated and entries with offensive or unsuitable material will be removed. Members’ comments will be forwarded to a committee member for attention; please use the contact section on our site by clicking

Many thanks for your support.


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Pauline Phillips on :

My partner and another friend, sitting in the balcony, said the choir was difficult to hear above the orchestra, which is a pity after all the hard work we put in! Did anyone else feel that this was the case?

Ann Vodden on :

My son, sitting in row J said he thought the balance was perfect and the tuning spot on. In fact the 7 family members that came said it was absolutely brilliant.

Walter Masson on :

I agree with the first comment. I love an orchestra at full tilt, but that makes it difficult for a choir behind the orchestra to be heard properly. I was in row F of the stalls so quite close to the orchestra, perhaps not the best place. However the first comment was for someone much further back!
It was nevertheless spectacular and I thought the chorus and soprano in the Libera Me was especially beautiful.

Jane Hawker on :

This concert was nothing less than a triumph. The choirs sang as one voice, ranging from a warm and comforting sound to the spine-tingling urgency of the well-known passages. The effect of the combined choirs and large orchestra was thrilling. I did not need to refer to the excellent programme to hear every word clearly and the interplay between choir and soloists was exactly as you would expect in this piece. Once again Cathal Garvey prepared the performers to peak for the concert: to say well done is inadequate. Thank you.

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