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Winter Season 2014

Concert Feedback for Audience Members
29th November 2014, St Nicolas Church, Newbury

We hope you enjoyed our concert as much as we did rehearsing and performing the work. We perform interesting works and strive always to sing to the highest standards. We value audience feedback and would very much like to hear from you.

The programme

Dupré: De Profundis
Elgar: The Spirit of England
Holst: Ode to Death
Butterworth: The Banks of Green Willow

This forum is intended for audience use only. To submit your feedback we ask you to leave your name and, if you wish, your email address. This forum will be moderated and entries with offensive or unsuitable material will be removed. Members' comments will be forwarded to a committee member for attention; please use the contact section on our site by clicking

Many thanks for your support.


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Tricia Stewart on :

Congratulations Newbury Choral Society for a truly memorable concert. The Elgar was stunning, The Holst was ethereal and the Dupre mas magnificent. Though the choir was depleted, the quality of the singing and the diction was excellent.
The soloist were brilliant, Claire, with her clear soprano voice, Paul, with his rounded tenor voice and Colin with his rich fruity bass!
The Orchestra though a little loud at times played extremely well.
Cathal has made Newbury Choral Society better each year he has been with us. Well done Cathal!

Lauraine on :

Are choir members allowed to say how exciting it was to be in this fabulous concert? As a 'top sop' i've never had to sing so many high notes in any concert, but Cathal's teaching and support brought out the best in us all. We climbed a mountain and reached the top with a terrific view. Thank you Cathal. And how very moving Claire's Elgar solo was.

Matthew Evans on :

To view the Newbury Weekly News concert review click here.

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